Stimulates and improves blood flow in the entire body.
Improves balance
Cultivates focus.
Stimulates kidney function.
Strengthens and stretches arms, shoulders, legs and hips.
Strengthens core.
Great all-rounder that targets several keys areas of the body.

Preparatory PoseS



Begin in Star pose, and with the arms out at shoulder height, align the outside edges of the feet under the wrist.

Turn your front foot to 90 degrees and turn the back toes in towards the body slightly, bringing the weight to the inside of the back foot keeping a lift through the arches (reduces the risk of overstretching the ligaments of the feet).

Bring the arms out to a T shape at shoulder height, from here kick back with the hips whilst reaching forward with the front arm. Keeping the torso long and bringing length into the sides of the waist.

When you have reached your edge or maximum extension through the arms, release the front arm to the inside of the front shin and the top arm up to the ceiling. Engaging the core rooting navel to spine. Never place bottom hand onto the knee and if you are hyper-mobile in the knee joint keep a micro bend to the leg.

Rotate the chest to be parallel with the long edge of the mat and peel the top shoulder back. Keep the spine long and avoid the tendency to create a C curve in the spine.

Option to take the gaze up to the top hand to play with balance or gaze down at the toes to ground. Keep engaged through the legs, lifting the kneecap and engaging the quadriceps.

To Come Out

Soften the knee, return to centre, let the arms relax then perform this asana again on the opposite side.


Block – Use a block under the bottom hand to minimise lateral flexion in the spine and to help activate and engage the core

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