Meditation can be a place in our life where we find some solace and journey down the road of self-discovery. We don’t need to empty our minds or have any skill level to sit with ourselves and observe what arises. I invite you to enjoy these meditations whenever you need to take some time for yourself and deepen your appreciation for the fullness of life.

Do you struggle to stay in savasana at the end of a home practice? Then this 6 minute guided savasana is designed to help you calm the mind, soothe the body and seal in the benefits of your practice. 

A short and sweet meditation to connect to your breath with the help of mantra and simple breathing techniques. It slowly fades into silence so you can decide when you want to step back into your day.

Roll out onto the right side of the bed this morning and start the day with positivity and gratitude. Take this meditation however you like, lying in bed, seated, your choice. Together we will breathe life into our morning

Struggling to switch off? Mind running a 100mph? Then try this 10 minute guided evening meditation. Come with me and take a journey down a meandering river and into the realms of sleep and relaxation.

Release expectations and take a journey into the body and rediscover the wonders that lie within with this full body scan meditation. Created to promote relaxation, healing and reduce anxiety and stress.

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