Utthita Tadasana


Great foundational pose for many of the standing asanas (poses).
Strengthens legs, arms and shoulders.
Invokes feelings of grounding, stability and strengthen.
Improves respiration and circulation.
Realigns the spine.


Begin in Mountain/ Tadasana, then extend the arms out to the side at shoulder height,  shoulder blades together on the back and down towards the hips to open up across the heart space.

Pressing firmly into the feet line up the outside edges of the foot under the wrists on each side when the arms are at shoulder height. Lift up through the arches of the feet and root down through all four corners of the feet.

Lengthen through the torso, creating a long and neutral spine.

Take 5-10 rounds of breath. From here you can transition to many standing asanas (poses).

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