Restful Sleep

This restorative and restful yoga practice is perfect for winding down at the end of a long day and helping prepare the body for sleep. Make the practice as long or as short as you like to suit your time frame. I recommend lighting your favourite incense, put on some relaxing music, dim the lights and get into the comfiest pj’s you can find. Give yourself the peace and serenity you deserve

Enhance your restful sleep yoga practice with this tailored playlist.


Reclined cobbler

If you have a bolster this is a lovely time to place it under the back, running parallel to the long edges of the mat

Supine Banana

Arms up overhead, legs to the left of the mat, followed by the arms creating a banana shape with the body, releasing through the right side of the body, hold for however long suits you before returning to centre then onto the second side.


Knees to chest

1 knee to chest

Both sides

Reclined pigeon


Child’s pose

Option to add a bolster under the torso and in-between the thighs. Or to take a lateral side stretch

Dragon pose

Right leg forward

Front body release to the mat

Right cheek to mat

Dragon pose

Left leg forward

Front body release to the mat

Left cheek to mat



Full body stretch

Legs up the wall

Supine twist


5 minutes

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