Great heart opener
Strong release for the shoulders
Lengthens and stretches the front body

Preparatory Poses

Downward Facing Dog



Begin in Table Top – Shoulders stack over wrists, hips stack over knees.

From Table Top walk the hands forward about a Foot’s distance. Keep the hips stacking over the knees.

With activated straight arms begin to melt the chest and forehead down to the mat. Keep a strong press into the palms, rooting down into the middle, index finger and thumb, tops of the feet.

External rotate the shoulder blades, creating space on the back, tilt the sitting bones up to the sky and keep the elbows lifted off the mat.

Sending your breath into the back body, relax the neck, lower ribs tuck to avoid over extension in the spine.

Take 5-10 breathes full rounds of breath, focusing on the release in the shoulders and feeling the stretch through the side waist and front body.

To Come Out

Press firmly into the feet and palms, and rise up leading with the back of the head and gently return to Table Top option to take a couples rounds of Cat/Cow or sink into a Child’s Pose.


Blocks – They can be added under the hands if you feeling super tight or restricted in the shoulders.

Pillow – Can be added under the forehead to avoid fatigue in the neck. Or used to pad/cushion the knees.

Counter Poses

Childs Pose

Forward Fold


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