Ardha Chandrasana


Improves balance and coordination.
Strengthens hamstrings, core, shoulders, knees and ankles.
Opens chest, hips, shoulders and hamstrings.
Focuses the mind and deepens our sense of proprioception.
Improves digestion.

Preparatory Poses

Downward Facing Dog

Warrior II



Being in Triangle, take a gentle bend to the front knee and bring the bottom hand to the mat, as you lift the back leg off the mat and revolve the torso to the side, stack the shoulders and rotate the pelvis to the long edge of the mat.

Straighten and firm the standing leg, whilst external rotating the thigh of the lifted leg and bring in a strong flex to the toes angling them parallel to the mat below and facing towards the side wall, energy shooting out through the heel of the lifted foot.

Lengthening through the side waist, activating the core and taking the gaze to the top arm or directly out in front, finding a drishti (focal point) to aid in balance. See PROPS for how a block can assist.

Lift the top arm to the ceiling running perpendicular to the bottom arm. Spread the fingers wide with the palms facing out.

Stay for 5 breaths, keep the breath fluid and even to maintain balance.

To Come Out

Exhale, to gently release the back leg to the mat, flow through a Vinyasa or Triangle, switch the feet and move onto the second side.


Blocks – Use a block under the bottom arm to rest the hand and help cultivate your balance. Do not dump your weight into the block, keep the core active.

Wall – Using a wall is great way to train the body into the correct alignment. Begin in Triangle with your back body next to a wall and follow the steps in ‘How To’ but using the wall for balance and support

Counter Poses

Seated Forward Fold

Yogi Squat

Low Lunge

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