Ashta Chandrasana


Excellent preparatory pose for backbends, hip openers and balance postures.
Opens heart, chest and the front body.
Stretches groin, hip flexors and legs.
Strengthens legs, glutes, hips and core.

Preparatory Poses

Downward Facing Dog

Forward Fold

Low Lunge


Begin in Low Lunge with the right leg back, stacking front knee over front ankle, the heel of the back foot stacking over the ball of the back foot. Bringing hands to the hips then neutralize the pelvis by rotating the back hip forward and front hip back. Internal rotation of the back inner thigh.

Femurs hugging into the midline, strong engagement in both legs, activating the quadriceps.

Inhale to raise the arms up overhead, framing the ears, palms face in towards the body, shoulders draw back and down. Rooting navel to the spine to feel a strong engagement through the entire back body.

Extend the sternum forward and up, into a gentle backbend. Gaze between the palm, lengthen the spine and soften the shoulders. Take 5-10 rounds of breaths.

To Come Out

Exhale to frame the front foot with the hands, step back into Downward Facing Dog, flow through a Vinyasa then move onto the second side

Counter Poses

Forward Fold


Join me as I guide you step by step through getting into, adjusting and exiting the crescent lunge pose.

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