Full Body Flow

This full body flow routine is designed to get the whole body moving through its full range of motion, creating some internal heat whilst strengthening and stretching your whole frame. When matched with focused Pranayama (breath work) we strengthen the connection between mind, body and soul. This routine is perfect for all abilities and can be done without the use of props which makes it perfect for at-home practice. Flow through this sequence any time of the day and it will leave you rejuvenated, refreshed and relaxed.

Enhance your practice with this tailored playlist.


Sukasana – Easy Seat

Ground down through the sit bones, lengthen through the spine, shoulder blades together on the back and drawing down towards the hips.

Close the eyes, turn your focus inwards, connect to the breath and set an intention for your practice

Sun Breathes

Inhale, arms rise overhead. Exhale, hands to heart centre

Gentle Seated Twist

Seated Forward Fold

Cat/Cow x6

Melted Heart

Downward Facing Dog


Downdward Facing Dog <> Plank x5

Surya Namaskara A x5

Surya Namaskara B x3

High Lunge > Warrior 2 > Side Angle (Right Side)

Vinyasa to second side

High Lunge > Warrior 2 > Side Angle (Left Side)

Star > Triangle (Right Side) Star > Triangle (Left Side)

Star > Wide Legged Forward Fold

High Lunge > Prayer Twist > Downward Facing Dog (Left Side)

High Lunge  > Prayer Twist > Downward Facing Dog (Right Side)

Forearm Plank


Little Bridge

Reclined Bound Angle Pose

Reclined Pigeon

Supine Twist


Enhance your savasana with the Ahimsa Yogini 6 minute meditation.

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